We know how hard it can be to make travel insurance sound exciting. However, it’s your job, as well as ours, to make sure travellers are not mislead by the travel insurance content on your website or from any other information you provide as an affiliate.

1. What is an affiliate?top

An affiliate, also known as a referrer or introducer, is a person or company that World Nomads holds an agreement with, who refers a consumer to us and receives a referral fee for every confirmed travel insurance sale. This referral can be done by using a web link or widget supplied by us, mentioning World Nomads in conjunction with information about travel insurance or simply providing the consumer with our contact details.

As an affiliate of World Nomads you are not licensed to act as an insurance agent, broker, distributor or authorised/appointed representative unless properly authorized. Even if you hold other authorisations/licenses to sell insurance products, you are bound by our affiliate agreement if you are to provide information about the insurance products available on WorldNomads.com or refer customers to us.

2. What can an affiliate do?


To put it simply, you can only provide factual information about the travel insurance product.

You must always tell people to read the terms and conditions of the policy wording/description of coverage and they must decide if the policy they choose is right for them.

We prefer you use the content we supply (because it’s been through the lawyers and compliance people). Just cut and paste this approved content from your partner portal and you’re ready to go.

All of the content we provide to you is factual information, which is an accurate description of the travel insurance products we provide and can be supported by evidence that proves the information to be true. If you are writing your own content, then it’s important to read the following content guidelines, so you don’t unintentionally break the law.

If travellers have questions, our customer service team can help. We promise that we'll take good care of them.

3. What can't an affiliate do?


Unfortunately, global insurance regulation is pretty strict for affiliates (and us) to remain compliant.

As an affiliate, you are not legally authorised to:

3.1 Recommend or suggest a particular travel insurance product...

You cannot tell a consumer that any travel insurance product is right for them. This includes implying that any one travel insurance policy or travel insurance company is better than another.

Watch out for words like recommended, preferred or our partner.

What you can’t say

Instead try


Recommended by <Company Name>

Loved by <Company Name>

Least favourite compliance words, they just are.

World Nomads are our preferred partner

We like World Nomads because…

Get a quote from our partner World Nomads.

World Nomads offer travel insurance, you can click here to get a quote.

Why buy travel insurance from our partner World Nomads?

Why buy travel insurance from World Nomads?

3.2 Present the insurance as your own...

You cannot present the insurance from World Nomads as your own or say things like "get travel insurance from us" as this implies that you are a licensed agent.

Watch out for words like us, our, we and using your company's name.

What you can’t say

Instead try


 <Company Name's> Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance from WorldNomads.com

Get travel insurance from us…

Travel insurance is available from WorldNomads.com

Our insurance
Our plans
Our policy
Our cover

The insurance
The plans (use before people buy it)
Your policy (use after people buy it)
The policy covers

Implies that it is your travel insurance. In fact it’s not World Nomads’ either. It belongs to our underwriters and insurance partners, who have created bespoke plans for World Nomads.

What we cover…
We'll cover you for…
How we help
We're here to help when you need it most

What's covered…
The policy provides coverage for…
How the insurer can help
World Nomads assistance companies are there to help when you need it most

3.3 Act on behalf of a consumer...

You cannot purchase, extend, cancel or make a claim on an insurance policy on behalf of a consumer. The customer must buy the product (i.e. enter into the insurance contract) via our website.

3.4 Misrepresent the insurance product...

You cannot misrepresent the insurance product, terms, benefits or future dividends (i.e claims paid) of any insurance product. Watch out for words like comprehensive or great value.

What you can’t say

Instead try


World Nomads provides comprehensive travel insurance for residents from over 140 countries

World Nomads provides travel insurance for travellers from over 140 countries

It will never cover everything so cannot be comprehensive

World Nomads travel insurance

Travel insurance from World Nomads
Travel insurance from World Nomads

The insurance we provide is not our insurance. It belongs to our underwriters and insurance partners, who have created bespoke plans for World Nomads

Backed by specialist travel insurance companies

Backed by reputable insurers and 24 hour assistance providers

Be factually correct

3.5 Provide advice about travel insurance...

You cannot provide any sort of advice about travel insurance, whether general or personal, to a consumer. In a nutshell this means you cannot do anything to influence the consumer's decision on

a.      Buying travel insurance - "you need to buy..."

b.     Which insurance to buy - "you should buy..."

c.      The specifics of the insurance - "plan xyz has the best coverage"

Only an insurance broker, who represents the customer, can provide advice on what plan to buy in return for a fee.

Be careful to only provide facts to your consumer. Don’t talk about the specifics of a policy or its coverage, instead recommend that the person reads the policy themselves to ensure that it is right for them.

What you can’t say

Instead try


You need to buy travel insurance for your trip.

It's a good idea to have travel insurance in case something goes wrong.

Advice on whether they should buy insurance.

We recommend travel insurance from World Nomads.

You can purchase travel insurance from World Nomads.

Advice on which company/insurance is best for them.

You should buy the xyz plan for our tour.

Read the policy details to ensure that it's right for you.

Advice on what coverage is right for them.

3.6. Provide a consumer with the policy wording...

You cannot provide a consumer with the policy wording/description of coverage. If they require this then you can refer them to our website.

3.7. Compare the travel insurance plan...

You cannot compare the travel insurance plan we provide with any other insurance. This is a form of advice and it could be wrong. This includes both written comparison as well as simple comparison tables.

3.8. Present the insurance as your own...

You cannot present the insurance as your own. You cannot say: "what we cover"; "we'll cover you""we're here to help".

3.9. Share customers' personal information...

You cannot share any of your customers' personal information with us, just as we cannot share any of theirs with you due to privacy laws. This includes information such as their name, date of birth, address, etc...

3.10. Bid on search enginge brand terms...

You cannot use or display any trademark, logo, branding or any other intellectual property of World Nomads (or its related entities), in any manner whatsoever (including without limitation, in any search engine marketing (brand term bidding) or any World Nomads domain name, any other online/offline marketing or advertising etc.) without first obtaining prior written approval from us.

4. Writing your own contenttop

If you want to personalise your content or write an article about travel insurance, then please make sure that it adheres to the above guidelines. If in doubt, send us your article and we can review it to make sure it complies with all the necessary laws and compliance requirements.