1. How does the program work?

    As a World Nomads Partner we pay you a referral fee every time someone you send to us from links on your web site buys travel insurance.

  2. How do I join?

    It’s easy, simply complete our online application and we will assess it within 5 working days. Once approved, you will receive confirmation of your account, access to your online account and details on how to integrate links and content into your web site so you can start earning.

  3. Can I have multiple websites?

    Yes, you can have as many websites as you like and you don't need a separate account for each site.

  4. Can I join other affiliate programs?

    Yes, World Nomads doesn't have to be the exclusive travel insurance partner. We recognise that its about offering what’s right for your customers.

  5. How much commission will I earn?

    As an affiliate you will receive 10% for every sale that you refer to us. We don’t cap your earnings so how much you make is completely up to you.

  6. How do you track sales?

    When you sign up we create a unique affiliate code for you which is attached to the content we supply to you to put onto your web site. When you refer a visitor to World Nomads, this code sets a cookie, which we use assign the referrer to every sale.

  7. How long does the cookie last?

    The cookie lasts for 60 days.

  8. How do I get to my partner account?

    Log in to your partner account with your email and password.

  9. What are my log in details?

    You will find your log in details in the confirmation email we sent when you joined the program. If you have lost or forgotten you can reset your password.

  10. When do I get paid?

    We pay affiliate accounts on a monthly basis. Payments are automatically deposited in to the PayPal or Bank Account of your choice once you have reached the minimum payment threshold ($250). If you don’t reach the threshold then we will simply carry your earnings over to the next month. Please note that PayPal, bank or currency conversion fees are at the affiliate’s expense.

  11. Can you link back to me?

    With more than 3,000 Partners, we can’t link back to everyone. However we do offer opportunities to appear on our site. For example:

    • Our Guest Travel Bloggers get published on our site, so if you get to write an article for us you have the opportunity to link to your site.
    • Do your partner integration particularly well and we'll write a case study about you.
    • World Nomads frequently do co-promotional activities with our Partners. If you’ve got ideas on working together, then contact us.

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