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Helping global brands, businesses and individual affiliates turn their love of travel into a revenue stream, since 2002.

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If you joined our program prior to 16 November 2022, tracking will be removed on 31 January 2023, and you will need to reapply via CJ.

Why become a World Nomads affiliate?

As a global, award winning leader in responsible travel, we believe travelling responsibly means, amongst other things, considering ‘packing’ travel insurance whenever you travel abroad. We know our affiliate network have a strong desire to protect their travelers and keep them safe, which is why we will work with you to help your travelers understand the benefits of travel insurance while abroad:

Get set up fast

Set up a new revenue stream in moments. Plus, get the content you need to grow it, with a library of tailored World Nomads copy and digital artwork ready to use on your website.

Fast, hassle-free payments

Say hello to cash flow. Fees earned from generating quotes are paid every fortnight. Multi-currency support means you can get paid in your local currency via direct deposit or Payoneer.*

Profit from a global audience

Maximize your earning potential. World Nomads is sold in more than 100 countries, allowing you to earn from a global audience via affiliate links on websites, blog posts, social, email, video, and more.

Integration options

Save time and hassle with integration support across a variety of tech platforms. Improve performance with deep links, cross-device tracking support, API integrations and more.

Audience insights

Learn about your audience then optimize to increase earnings. Customizable data and reporting allow tracking of earnings, conversion rates, device/browser types and location.

Ongoing support

Get help when you need it. Our Partnerships team is ready to help with quality insights, strategies, best practices, troubleshooting and more.

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Our program runs on, the world’s largest and most established affiliate platform. Benefit from reliability, scale, plus access to its network of 300+ world-class brands.

Additional benefits to help you and your customers

  • Access to a large and growing library of curated World Nomads copy and digital artwork (example below)
  • Pre-approved copy that’s ready to download and add directly to your site
  • Online brand and content guidelines

For further information please send us a direct message or email us at .

Collaboration with one of the leading travel insurance providers fulfils our ambition to strengthen our offering through partnerships, leveraging the strengths of both companies.
Remco Bruins,
B2B Manager - Eurail
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